How to order SIM online?

  1. chose your right plan

  2. add our KAKAOTALK id ask for a SIM order

  3. passport pictuire/korea room number/ korea arriving time

      send file to us

  4. get your SIM in your room

  • Come with: Unlimited DATA and Domestic calling time
  • 11GB in LTE 4G mode and after 11GB will provide 2GB in LTE mode everyday. when additional 2GB used up will be slow-down 3Mbps/s for unlimited data.
  • Sim should be recharged every 30 days. When balance down to zero without recharging for 3 days sim will be cancel automatically.
  • Sim can be recharged by our website charging system or by our APP which you can download from Google store by searching "FREET"(Until now .APP only can be download by Android system. IOS system need to charge by our website)
  • As Korea telecom regulation rules that all passport made prepaid sim card need to be extension the usage every 3 month by re-upload user`s passport scan page.If not, recharge will not possible.
  • For join Online registration such like "Join membership" and so on need get Alien Registration card.  
  • Size: Stander Size / Dual Size / Nano Size all possible.

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